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Clint A., West Virginia

Casey Cavell

I have used your system to help me find the right leads, and also to help me fine tune my recruiting skills. It is a great way to get the leads that work and most importantly an opportunity to speak with the right prospects.
Ray Rios
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Executive Director

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J.R.'s system has totally changed the way I enroll new members into my business! I trust him and the methods he has used for years to build numerous successful teams!
Seth Crowder


J.R. has helped my business directly and indirectly. We all look for someone to help grow our business and J.R. took the time to help me anytime I called. He is a person who loves to give back and help others. I would not be the man that I am today nor have the success that I have to this day if it was not for J.R. Great mentor, great teacher but most of all he is a great friend.
Damian Law
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